Updated 2013 Water Supply Forecast and Storage Allocations

Post date: Jun 18, 2013 3:20:7 AM

I apologize for being tardy posting this on our website. By now all of you should be aware of our exceedingly short water supply. Next week I should have a pretty good idea of how much storage water we'll be able to rent. We have been allocated less than half of our full storage supply and we will be sending out your individual water balances starting this week (your ditchirders will have everyone's allocation first).

As I write this, we are still drawing natural flow, so we've already picked up three days beyond my June 1st estimate of June 14th. I suspect we'll see a few more days of natural flow at best. These additional days of natural flow will help, but we're not out of the woods by a long march.

If you have specific questions, as always, give us a call in the office.