Storage Allocation

Post date: Jun 26, 2012 2:16:46 PM

We have received our storage water allocation from Water District #1. We'll be sending out your balance letters soon and your ditch riders will have them by later this afternoon. Due to releases from Jackson, Palisades, and American Falls reservoirs by the Bureau of Reclamation for flood control operations, even though the reservoirs filled 'on paper', our storage allocation was 77.4%. Company shares were allocated 34.20 miner's inches per share, District shares were allocated 6.84 miner's inches per share, "Purchase" shares were allocated 5.09 miner's inches per share, and "Option" shares were allocated 7.12 miner's inches per share. This should be sufficient water to finish the season if you are conservative. As of the time of this update we are still drawing our full 1895 natural flow right (1,172.9 cfs). You should expect to start using your storage allocation by early next week, and possibly by late this week. If you would like to know your total allocation before we send out the balance letters you can call the office or your ditch rider. If you would like to receive your balance notices by email just call or email Annette (

Once we begin full storage draw I will need to be very conservative with our operational spills. That means strict enforcement of the 48 hour notice requirement for ordering water.