06/16/2022 WATER OUTLOOK

Post date: Jun 16, 2022 8:19:56 PM

2022 has been an interesting year. Every day it throws another curve at us. The water supply has been exceedingly difficult to forecast. In January, February, and March our snowpack was very dismal. But thanks to rains in April, May, and June the outlook has gotten better. Even though the Drought is still with us, the severity has diminished.

I was projecting to be on Storage around June 10th about a month ago, but mother nature blessed us with precipitation, and we now think natural flow may last until the last week in June. The increased flows are also helping to fill American Falls Reservoir. Our Storage allocation is still pretty slim. The numbers are anywhere from 120,000-acre feet to 150,000-acre feet. Once we go onto Storage, we think we will have at least 60 days of run time.

The 5/2 rotation is working well for conserving water, and I thank all of you for working with us to get this rolling!

Thanks again for your help during this difficult time.

Brad Mattson