On July 23, 2020 we began drawing storage. After evaporation and transmission loss we have a 95% allocation.

Corona Virus Operations

In accordance with the Governor's Stay-at-Home order, our office will be closed to the public for the duration. As we are an essential service, we will continue to perform our necessary tasks in the office but all business must be handled by phone or email.

Our crews are out preparing the system for the irrigation season. We are currently recharging at our Hilton site and will begin moving water downstream to charge the system next week. Depending on weather and demand we should be able to provide delivery to most head gates on the main canals by April 7th and to all laterals by April 12th.

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Hilton Spill

Well measurement                                                 Flow measurement on the Highline Canal

Main Canal Lining Project

AVR removing weeds at water turn-in                                      Flow measurement boat

Flow measurement on the Main Canal
Flow measurement with boat

Mammoth tusk                                                    Mammoth skull in our spill, encased in plaster, ready for removal

Main Canal construction ca. 1895