SPECIAL NOTICE

February 2, 2021 

Special Notice

On January 22, 2021 Steve Howser resigned as General Manager of the Aberdeen-Springfield Canal Company. With that being said, the process of hiring a new GM has begun. Mel Chappell will serve as interim GM until the position is filled. Please visit the Navigation Tab-located to the left of the page, to view the Job Posting description and requirements. Those interested and qualified are encouraged to apply!

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Hilton Spill

Well measurement                                                 Flow measurement on the Highline Canal

Main Canal Lining Project

AVR removing weeds at water turn-in                                      Flow measurement boat

Flow measurement on the Main Canal
Flow measurement with boat

Mammoth tusk                                                    Mammoth skull in our spill, encased in plaster, ready for removal

Main Canal construction ca. 1895