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Meet our Staff

Tony Dixey
Assistant to the GM

Cindy Ortiz
Office Clerk

Tanner Daley
Science Dept. Manager

Cephas Holder
GIS Technician
Dave Barrus
Maintenance Foreman

Gary Ohman
Ditch Rider-Rose Ride

Ricky Zamora
Ditch Rider-Spring Ride

Mike Ohman
Ditch Rider-Big Fill Ride

Lee Corbridge
Ditch Rider-19-Fill Ride

Skyler Martin
Ditch Rider-Wilson Ride

Stephan Ohman
Ditch Rider-Cedar Ride

Matt Nugent
Shop Foreman

Blaine Jacobsen

Brian Lasley

JR Zazweta

RJ Zamora

Shaun Hamilton

Shawn Hutchison