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Meet our Staff

Mel Chappell
Interim General Manager

Tony Dixey
Assistant to the GM

Annette Johnson
Office Manager

Melissa Bell
Deed Specialist

Cynthia Ortiz
Office Clerk

Tanner Daley
Science Dept. Manager

Cephas Holder
GIS Technician
Dave Barrus
Maintenance Foreman

Gary Ohman
Ditch Rider-Rose Ride

Ricky Zamora
Ditch Rider-Spring Ride

Mike Ohman
Ditch Rider-Big Fill Ride

Lee Corbridge
Ditch Rider-19-Fill Ride

Blake Healy
Ditch Rider-Wilson Ride

Stephan Ohman
Ditch Rider-Cedar Ride

Matt Nugent
Shop Foreman

Blaine Jacobsen

Brian Lasley

JR Zazweta

RJ Zamora

Shaun Hamilton

Shawn Hutchison